Split Pea

Split Pea

Ingredients: split pea chopped. No additives and preservatives.
Shelf life: 17 months.
DSTU 7701:2015
Packaging: polypropylene bag 25 kg. (Other options are possible).
Terms of delivery: self-delivery, delivery is possible throughout Ukraine.
We provide a full package of accompanying documents.

Split peas crushed polished (peeled) are produced from food peas by removing its seed coat and peeling.
Our enterprise produces split peas of the 1st grade.

Pea production

Split peas polished rich in mineral substances:
potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, nitrogen, iron – all these substances help our body cope with many diseases and infections. They also participate in blocking the intake of radioactive minerals into the body.

Nutritional and energy value

Type of split peas:

Split peas – whole, chopped, small of all sorts and numbers

Content, %
proteins – 23
carbons – 57,7
fats – 1,6
Energy value
kcal – 323
kJ – 1352
The nutritional and energy value of cereals can also be determined by calculating.