Ingredients: millet. No additives and preservatives.
Shelf life: 9 months.
GOST 572:60
Packaging: polypropylene bag 25 kg. (Other options are possible).
Terms of delivery: self-delivery, delivery is possible throughout Ukraine.
We provide a full package of accompanying documents.

Millet is obtained from millet seeds freed from the outer shell and ground.
Millet is one of the most useful groats. It contains a large number of vitamins of group B,
potassium, zinc, sodium, iodine, magnesium, bromine, phosphorus and folic acid. Millet
porridge contains amino acids and trace elements necessary for normal skin condition. It gives
strength, strengthens muscles, heals the liver, promotes healing of wounds, splicing broken

Nutritional and energy value.

Type of grits Content, % Energy value
proteins carbons fats kcal kJ
Whets 11,5 66,5 3,3 348 1456
Note. The nutritional and energy value of cereals can also be determined by calculating.


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