DSTU 3016:95

wheat, barley, pea, corn.

Country of manufacture:

Packaging: bags 20, 25 kg.

Bran — it is a by-product of grain processing for flour and cereals. When producing different varieties of flour and Grits in bran remains from 20 to 28% of the mass of the grain.
Ingredients of bran include worn shells of grain, not sorted the remains of mealy substances and embryos. Common to any species is high fiber, fats, proteins. Also, in their Ingredients there are nitrogen-free extractives, ash, phosphorus (about 80% of the phosphorus from the grain turns into bran), calcium, amino acids, vitamins B, A, E.

Terms of delivery:
self-delivery, delivery is possible throughout Ukraine.
All the required supporting documents are provided.

For more detailed information, contact the sales department:
+380 (98) 263-74-73

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